Parkville physical therapists offer tips on how to avoid overdoing it when exercising

October 19, 2017

parkville physical therapists overuse injuries

When it comes to exercise, many people just can’t seem to do as much as they’d like to, no matter how hard they try. But then there’s another group of individuals that exist on the other side of the spectrum: the go-getters who exercise on a nearly-constant basis. This may not sound like a bad […]


Hyattsville physical therapists and the rest of our team recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October

October 10, 2017

hyattsville physical therapists

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign intended to increase awareness of the disease, the screening tools and the treatments available for it. While you may already know some of the facts about breast cancer from personal experience or that of a loved one, what you might not be aware of is the […]


Laurel physical therapists can effectively address your jaw pain that may be causing headaches

September 28, 2017

laurel physical therapists

Of all regions of the body that a physical therapist treats, you might think that the jaw would rank quite low on the overall list. But the truth is, disorders of the jaw are actually very common, and they can lead to a host of symptoms like headaches. Problems with the jaw, most of which […]


Hands-on physical therapy may be needed to address your back pain in Glenn Dale/Bowie

September 22, 2017

back pain in glenn dale

If you’re suffering from back pain in Glenn Dale/Bowie, we firmly believe that physical therapy is the best course of action you can take in just about every situation. Here at CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, we treat each patient’s back pain with an individual approach, and we focus on utilizing interventions that have […]


A comprehensive physical therapy treatment program is your best bet for pelvic pain in Hyattsville

August 29, 2017

pain in hyattsville

Some physical problems, like a sprained ankle or low back pain, can usually be discussed and addressed without much embarrassment. Then there are other issues that fall into a more personal category, and as a result, may be somewhat more difficult to bring up to a medical professional. One personal problem that usually lands in […]


Our Glenn Dale/Bowie physical therapists often use TENS therapy for pain relief

August 18, 2017

bowie physical therapists TENS

When each patient walks through our doors at CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, the goal of our Glenn Dale/Bowie physical therapists is to construct a treatment program that addresses their condition as efficiently and effectively as possible. While various types of exercises will account for a large portion of these programs, other interventions are […]


Sciatica often causes radiating symptoms such as leg pain in Glenn Dale

August 1, 2017

sciatica leg pain in glenn dale

The sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the entire body. It runs from each side of the lower spine through the buttock and into the thigh, all the way down to the foot. This nerve serves an important role in communicating messages from the spinal cord to the legs and feet, and when […]


Glenn Dale / Bowie physical therapists offer some helpful tips to avoid IT band syndrome

July 26, 2017

parkville physical therapists IT band

For all the runners out there, it might feel like pain is part of the game. Regardless of how many miles you run, if you’ve done it for long enough, you’ve probably had your share of injuries. Running-related injuries can range from some occasional soreness in your ankle to a much more serious ligament tear, […]


Hyattsville physical therapists recommend high-intensity interval training for those of you with minimal time to exercise

June 28, 2017

hyattsville physical therapists

In our last blog, we offered some strategies to help you follow a more nutritious diet in order to lose weight, especially if not having enough time is preventing you from doing so. We also explained that you can’t expect to lose weight by healthy eating alone, and that regular exercise is also essential in […]


Our Laurel physical therapists explain how it’s possible to keep a healthy diet and lose weight even if you have a hectic schedule

June 21, 2017

laurel physical therapists weight loss

Most people’s lives are jam-packed with commitments. Between work, family, friends and whatever other social functions you may have, the notion that there just “aren’t enough hours in a day” may sound all too familiar to you. As a result of this sort of overloaded schedule, little time may be spared to allow you to […]