March is also Red Cross Month, and CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services in Bowie encourages you to go out and donate blood

March 24, 2015

In our last blog, we discussed some important steps you can take to improve your diet in honor of National Nutrition Month. Well it turns out March is also Red Cross Month, which means that in addition to helping yourself with better nutrition, we also encourage you to help others in need. One of the best ways to do that is by giving blood.

On March 2, President Obama proclaimed March as Red Cross Month, which is a tradition that has been upheld by every president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt first recognized it in 1943. The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 and today, it responds to nearly 70,000 disasters every year and provides 24-hour support to members of the military and their families at home and around the world. It also collects and distributes about 40% of the nation’s blood supply.

During this month, the Red Cross recognizes everyday heroes who reach out and help others in need by giving blood, helping disaster victims and getting trained with lifesaving classes to be able to assist in emergencies. It’s also a great time to become part of the Red Cross by volunteering, giving a financial donation or giving blood.

There is always a need for people to donate blood, and the Red Cross estimates that nearly 41,000 donations are needed every day. Even though approximately 38% of the population is eligible to donate, less than 10% actually do it every year.

Donating blood is one of the most important things you can do for others in need, and one donation can help save the lives of up to three people. Despite fears that some people may have about giving blood, it’s actually a very safe, easy and practically painless process. Just about anyone aged 16 or older weighing at least 110 pounds and in good health can do it.

The four-step process for giving blood includes registration, medical history and a mini-physical exam (blood pressure, pulse, body temperature and hemoglobin), the donation itself and refreshments afterwards. The entire process takes just about an hour total, with the actual donation taking roughly 10 minutes. During this time, approximately one pint of blood is withdrawn. The average adult has about 10 pints of blood.

A healthy donor may donate red blood cells every 56 days or double red cells every 112 days. All types of blood are needed, but hospitals most often request type O-negative since it can be transfused to patients of all blood types.

If you’ve never given blood before and are interested in helping others out with just an hour of your time, now would be a great time to donate. Click here to find local donation centers or for more information on the Red Cross and giving blood.

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