Physical therapy can bring you back to equilibrium with treatment for balance disorders in Hyattsville

balance disorders in hyattsville

April 18, 2016

As our bodies age, they go through a number of physical and mental changes that usually tend to make life more difficult. One of the more common issues that comes with older age is balance, which can turn otherwise-normal everyday tasks like walking up the stairs into major challenges for you. Fortunately, our physical therapists are experienced and equipped to properly treat any balance disorders in Hyattsville that you might have.

A balance disorder or balance problem exists when an individual has difficulty maintaining a stable and upright position when standing, walking or even sitting. Older adults are at a much higher risk for having balance disorders than any other age group, as approximately 75% of Americans 70 years and older have what’s considered “abnormal balance.” This indicates that there is at least one aspect—or more—of the person’s balance that is in some way misaligned and can cause complications. By the time an individuals reaches their 80s, the likelihood of having balance problems rises even more.

There are a number of factors that can cause balance problems to occur. Among the most common factors are the following: muscle weakness, joint stiffness, inner ear problems, side effects of certain medications, keeping a sedentary lifestyle (sitting for most of the day), or certain medical complications like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis and cognitive diseases. In order for a balance problem to occur, there must be a problem with the person’s vision, the inner ear, the muscular system or proprioception (knowing the position of one’s body), or some combination of these systems.

When issues occur, those affected by balance problems feel as if the world around them is moving, when in actuality, it’s not. Depending on the severity, or seriousness of the disorder, this may only occur when the person is moving, which is called dynamic balance. In more severe cases, problems can also occur when a person is standing still, which is called static balance. If a problem with balance arises, it can lead to tripping, swaying, dizziness, vertigo and falling, all of which can be dangerous.

The worst part is, having these balance problems can prevent individuals from moving about and performing daily activities, which can lead to poor physical fitness and other future problems. That’s why we recommend coming to see us for your balance disorders in Hyattsville. We can establish a treatment program that’s right for you. Here’s how:

Treatment for balance disorders in Hyattsville

  • Mobility exercises: we will have you perform various exercises designed to help you regain your ability to move around with more coordination and confidence
  • Balance training: this aspect of treatment will identify and address specific impairments in both your static and dynamic balance
  • Strength training: strength is necessary for normal movement, and these exercises will target muscles in your trunk, hip and stomach, which will improve balance
  • Flexibility exercises: lack of movement may lead to less flexibility and/or bad posture; these exercises focus on improving your flexibility and posture
  • Fall prevention: we will also assess and address any hazards at the home that may lead to a fall, and we will work towards helping you regain your confidence to move about normally and freely without fearing a fall
  • General increase in activities: finally, we will have you establish goals of what you’d like to get out of your treatment, and will work carefully to help you accomplish them by gradually increasing your activity levels

Balance disorders in Hyattsville can be a real nuisance and prevent you from going about your day as you’d like, but physical therapy could be your ticket for better balance and a return to a normal lifestyle. Contact CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services in Laurel, Hyattsville, Glenn Dale/Bowie and Parkville/Baltimore, MD at 301-853-0093 for more information or to schedule an appointment to address your balance problem today.

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