Your Laurel physical therapy program can start as soon as the day of surgery to ensure a complete recovery

Laurel physical therapy postop rehab

March 21, 2018

The decision to have surgery for an injury is usually a difficult one that requires careful evaluation of several important factors. For most people, the decision is only reached after pursuing many other treatment pathways and still not improving, or if the injury is severe enough that non-surgical methods will not be sufficient. Once the surgery is scheduled, it can be easy for patients to focus only on the procedure itself without thinking about what comes next; however, rehabilitation is nearly as important as surgery for a full recovery. Laurel physical therapy, in particular, is an essential component of the rehab process after surgery, and it can start as soon as the same day of the procedure.

No matter what surgical procedure is performed, physical therapy is a necessary and vital step to the recovery and healing process. While the surgery is used to repair whatever structural damage is causing the patient’s problems, physical therapy is used to ensure that this repaired body part can function normally. This is accomplished by utilizing a variety of treatments that are designed to further promote healing, strengthen weakened joints and muscles, and alleviate pain and swelling. Together, these interventions will help patients regain their mobility and ability to function, so that they can return to their lives as quickly as possible.

In order for this physical therapy program to be effective, it also needs to start at the right time. The amount of time needed before physical therapy can begin ranges from a few hours to a few days after surgery, and varies depending on the body part operated on, the type of procedure and each patient’s physical status.

In many cases, physical therapy can actually start on the same day as surgery. This is especially true for minimally invasive surgeries, in which only small incisions are used to repair the damage. Rehabilitation for ACL reconstructive surgery and some types of back surgery, for example, often begin within hours after surgery is completed. About 1-2 days are needed after hip replacement surgery, while a longer period of 7-10 days is needed after rotator cuff surgery. This short delay is required because the shoulder is put in a sling immediately after surgery and cannot be mobilized during this time.

Overview of a post-surgical Laurel physical therapy program

If you’re scheduled to have any type of surgery, your doctor will probably refer you to a physical therapist to arrange for a post-surgical treatment plan. At CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, a Laurel physical therapy program will consist of one of our therapists first meeting with you before and immediately after the procedure to determine when rehabilitation should begin. Once rehab begins, they will start you with some basic movement exercises within the first few days that will gradually develop as you regain your strength. From there, the program will continue to progress and become more challenging, with the central goal always being to help you return to your daily activities as quickly as possible. For athletes, focused training based on your specific sport will also be incorporated into this plan.

If you have any additional questions about our post-surgical treatment programs, contact CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services at 301-776-9443 to schedule an appointment at any of our three clinics in Laurel, Hyattsville or Glenn Dale/Bowie, MD today, or click here for more information on the role of physical therapy after surgery.