Got a bad back? Our Glenn Dale physical therapists explain how your footwear choices might be playing a part

September 30, 2019

glenn dale physical therapists footwear bad back

Back pain is just one of those issues that nearly everyone seems to have experience with.  It’s estimated that 31 million Americans are affected by back pain right now, and about 80% of the population will encounter it at some point in their lifetime.  Back pain can also be rather tricky.  Pain usually develops due […]


For pain in Bowie, water-based exercise may be the alternative you’re seeking

September 13, 2019

Pain in Bowie aquatic exercise

For some people, things are just better when you add water. Avid swimmers already know this, but what you might not realize is that the pool isn’t only for swimming.  Aquatic exercise—which is essentially any form of exercise performed in the water—is an incredible way to get active for all individuals, but especially for those who […]


A word to parents from our Silver Spring physical therapists: make sure your kids are not overloading backpacks and using them properly to avoid back pain

August 28, 2019

silver spring physical therapists backpacks

As kids make their way back to school over the next few weeks, they’ll soon be hitting the books, and those books will be hitting their backpacks, often filling them to capacity. While messenger bags have emerged as a popular option for school-age children, backpacks remain the most commonly used and practical choice for carrying […]


If you’re dealing with regular headaches in Hyattsville, a problem with your neck may be to blame

August 14, 2019

headaches in hyattsville

Headaches have a unique way of striking at the worst times and often ruining the day—or days—in the process. More than 100 types of headaches have been classified, and while their differences are important, they all possess the same ability to gum up the works of your life during an episode. One of the most […]


Struggling to exercise with knee pain? Our Laurel physical therapists recommend cycling for a great workout that’s easy on your knees

July 19, 2019

laurel physical therapists cycling

If you have “bad knees” from osteoarthritis, a recent surgery, or some other cause, you might feel as if there’s a barrier between you and exercise. This is completely understandable, as many forms of exercise involve the knees to some capacity, and can therefore lead to pain and discomfort. But do not despair: there are […]


Children can get arthritis, too, and physical therapy in Glenn Dale is one of the best solutions for these young patients

July 8, 2019

physical therapy in Glenn Dale juvenile arthritis

When you hear the term “arthritis,” the first image that comes to mind might be a frail elderly person who has trouble opening up a jar of pickles or tying their shoes. It may surprise you, then, to hear that arthritis can also affect children and adolescents. This is one of the main reasons that […]


Wondering when it’s best to stretch? Our Bowie physical therapists weigh in on how to get the most benefit without wasting your time

July 1, 2019

bowie physical therapists stretching

For many of us, the idea that you need to stretch to avoid injury from exercise is one that has been drilled into memory since we first started participating in gym class or organized sports. There is definitely some truth to this concept, as stretching does provide several benefits, but this does not mean that […]


In recognition of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, our Silver Spring physical therapists discuss the important role that therapists can play in managing symptoms

June 12, 2019

silver spring physical therapists alzheimer's awareness month

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and as with every other year, it presents an opportunity to hold a conversation and educate the public about why Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are considered a major public health issue.  So whether you know someone affected by these conditions or are simply interested in learning more, […]


Physical therapy is an essential part of stroke rehabilitation in Hyattsville

May 28, 2019

stroke rehabilitation in hyattsville

A stroke is a life-changing event that can often lead to a number of long-term disabilities, but this does not mean that its effects on the body and mind are irreversible. Following a stroke, all patient should undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation program created by various medical professionals, and one of the most important components of […]


Our Laurel physical therapists urge you to be careful when exercising in the sun to avoid heat-related complications

May 22, 2019

Laurel physical therapists outdoor exercise safety

Summer may not officially begin for nearly another month, but the recent stretch of weather in Maryland has certainly felt like it and ramped up excitement in the process. When extremely warm or hot weather does eventually arrive, it drives many to stay indoors to savor the cool confines of air conditioning.  For others, the high […]