Our Hyattsville physical therapists recommend getting active outdoors any chance you can, even if it’s a bit wet

May 18, 2018

hyattsville physical therapists spring exercise

Sure, it may be difficult to see beyond the rain that has been drenching Maryland and a good portion of the East Coast lately, but one fact still remains true: warm weather is here and more is on the way! While the regular rainfall may seem to be a setback for those of you who […]


Our Glenn Dale physical therapists discuss the potential role of medical marijuana in managing pain

April 27, 2018

glenn dale physical therapists medical marijuana

The reputation surrounding marijuana is currently undergoing some changes. Once considered a drug primarily associated with a certain fringe demographic, it is now inching closer and closer to the mainstream. This is largely the result of the legal status of marijuana, as it’s becoming far less regulated and more accessible to individuals with medical needs. […]


Spending too much time on your smartphone? Be aware of what it could be doing to your neck, our Bowie physical therapists warn

April 5, 2018

Bowie physical therapists text neck

Do you find yourself whipping out your smartphone any time you have a few spare minutes to kill, whether that be on line at the grocery store or while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room? Do you get most of your news from the glowing screen of your phone or tablet, occasionally finding yourself locked […]


Your Laurel physical therapy program can start as soon as the day of surgery to ensure a complete recovery

March 21, 2018

Laurel physical therapy postop rehab

The decision to have surgery for an injury is usually a difficult one that requires careful evaluation of several important factors. For most people, the decision is only reached after pursuing many other treatment pathways and still not improving, or if the injury is severe enough that non-surgical methods will not be sufficient. Once the […]


Tendinitis vs. tendinosis: it’s important to understand which condition may be causing your tendon pain in Hyattsville

March 14, 2018

tendon pain in hyattsville

Tendons are thick bands of flexible tissue made of collagen that connect muscles to bones. There are about 4,000 tendons in the human body, and they range in size from the tiny tendons within the fingers to the massive Achilles tendon connecting your calf muscle to your heel. When pain develops in one of these […]


Despite what you might believe, our Glenn Dale physical therapists explain that there really is no ‘perfect’ posture

February 23, 2018

glenn dale physical therapists perfect posture

For as long as most of us can remember, we’ve been instructed to sit up straight and keep good posture. This concept has been drilled into our heads from parents, teachers and more recently, the media, as we’re repeatedly told that correcting posture can reduce the occurrence of problems like headaches and neck and back […]


Using a hot wax therapy can bring additional relief for your pain in Bowie

February 13, 2018

paraffin wax for pain in bowie

If you’re dealing with pain in Bowie and you make the smart choice of coming in to see us at CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, your physical therapist will first develop a customized treatment program to address your problem. This program will include a number of different components that are each utilized to address […]


What to do about arthritis pain in Laurel that gets worse in these cold winter months

January 26, 2018

arthritis pain in laurel

Chilling winter temperatures have a range of effects on just about everyone that has to deal with them, and for most of you, this means changing your routine to adapt with the weather. Planning ahead becomes even more of a necessity, and most individuals try to reduce the amount of time spent outside to as […]


Crazy enough to exercise outdoors in this frigid weather? Our Hyattsville physical therapists applaud your efforts, but urge you to do so safely

January 17, 2018

hyattsville physical therapists cold weather exercise

  Winter has not been kind to much of the country so far this season, and we’re still only in early January. With more than two months remaining before the first signs of spring may begin to appear, it’s likely that the East Coast will have several more cold spells to come. For many, even […]


Could orthotics be the solution to your foot pain in Glenn Dale?

December 20, 2017

foot pain in glenn dale orthotics

The way in which your feet connect with the ground has a great impact on how you walk or run, and whether or not you’ll deal with pain in the process. The feet are the foundation for these types of movement, and if they strike the ground incorrectly when walking or running, it can start […]