Nikki Carrington, PT, DPT

July 14, 2021

Nikki Carrington Clinic Director, Glenn Dale and Bowie Dr. Carrington’s interest in physical therapy started in high school as a student athlete. Nikki was always interested in the function of the human body and importance of maintaining, improving and rehabbing it when necessary. As an undergraduate student Nikki studied Exercise Physiology at Howard University and […]


Our Bowie physical therapists offer guidance on how to set up your home office properly to avoid pain and discomfort

May 26, 2020

bowie physical therapists home office

For most Americans, work today is nothing like what it once was. Nearly every member of the workforce has been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another, and for the many individuals who normally worked in an office, this has meant transitioning to working from home. Switching to a home-based work environment may not […]


CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services now offers telehealth visits that you can take from home

April 15, 2020

CAM PT telehealth

With the entire state of Maryland currently under a “Stay at Home” order to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, you may be wondering how this affects your ability to continue on with your treatment. The need for physical therapy continues during these times, and fortunately, it is also considered an essential service. This means […]


In recognition of National Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month, our Silver Spring physical therapists offer some tips for head trauma

March 24, 2020

physical therapists in silver spring national TBI month

March is National Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month, and here at CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, we believe this important topic deserves all the attention it receives. With this in mind, our Silver Spring physical therapists would like to walk you through what a traumatic brain injury is and offer suggestions to better prepare […]


Take advantage of our worker’s compensation services in Laurel so you can get you back to work quickly

March 13, 2020

worker's compensation services in Laurel

Suffering from an injury while working can wind up being a major setback. Recovering from the injury is one thing, but when you add in the fact that it also prevents you from getting your job done, the damage can be two-fold. When faced with this predicament, most injured workers commit themselves to recovering and […]


Learn the keys to smart snacking and better health from our physical therapists in Glenn Dale

February 24, 2020

physical therapists in glenn dale healthy snacking

At times, there’s nothing better than the perfect snack to keep your engine running. Quick enough to be consumed in a matter of minutes and less demanding than a full meal, snacks can be ideal for hectic schedules and are a necessary break in the action for many. Healthy snacking is brought front and center […]


If you’re dealing with pain in Bowie, physical therapy is always the safest option available

February 19, 2020

physical therapy for pain in bowie

Any amount of pain can be a nuisance to your life, especially when it lasts for a while. Everyone deals with pain differently, and there are many treatments available to address it. When presented with such an array of options, it may become difficult to determine what the best and safest path forward is for […]


Radiating symptoms like leg pain in Silver Spring may be due to sciatica

January 22, 2020

leg pain in silver spring sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the entire body.  It runs from each side of the lower spine through the buttocks and into the thigh, all the way down to the foot.  The sciatic nerve serves an important role in communicating messages from the spinal cord to the legs and feet, but […]


Our Hyattsville physical therapists can help you get on the right path to lose weight in 2020

January 7, 2020

hyattsville physical therapists

For many people, the new year is seen as a clean slate and an opportunity to make a fresh start by changing one’s daily habits in the quest towards self-improvement.  Under this banner, one of the most common goals set this time of year is to lose weight, often as a New Year’s resolution.  January […]


Take your time, shovel the right way to avoid back pain in Laurel this winter

December 27, 2019

back pain in Laurel

Love it or hate it, winter is here.  With it comes the extra preparation needed just to leave the house, a moratorium on some of your favorite outdoor activities, and at one point or another, snow.  People tend to have mixed reactions when the white fluffy stuff starts falling, but most would agree that shoveling […]