Trying to stay active in the cold weather ahead? Start with these tips from our Bowie physical therapists

December 2, 2019

bowie physical therapists winter exercise

With temperatures starting to drop as the fall rolls on, you may be starting to find it increasingly difficult to keep up with your fitness routine.  If you happen to regularly engage in outdoor activities like jogging or biking, this time of year could be a difficult transition that often causes many to trail off […]


Physical therapy in Silver Spring is one of the most commonly recommended treatments for bladder-related issues

November 14, 2019

physical therapy in silver spring bladder

Many medical issues can be brought up to a doctor without thinking twice, but then there are some that might give you pause because of its personal or embarrassing nature.  Bladder problems of any sort often fall into the second category, which can prevent patients from getting the care they need in a timely manner.  […]


Take it from our Hyattsville physical therapists: fall is quite possibly the best time of year to get active outside

November 4, 2019

hyattsville physical therapists fall exercise

With the leaves changing colors, the air feeling cool and crisp, and the smell of firewood beginning to emanate from chimneys, our senses are constantly reminded that it is indeed fall.  While the consensus tends to be mixed on the season that follows it, most people would agree that they can find something to appreciate […]


Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of hand and wrist pain in Laurel, but our physical therapists can offer treatments to nip it in the bud

October 22, 2019

wrist pain in laurel cts

For most of us, using our hands is a big part of our professions, whether that happens to consist of typing at a computer or building a house.  Another component of many occupations is that the task we perform needs to be completed over and over, in a repetitive fashion.  Unfortunately, the repetitive motions involved […]


Got a bad back? Our Glenn Dale physical therapists explain how your footwear choices might be playing a part

September 30, 2019

glenn dale physical therapists footwear bad back

Back pain is just one of those issues that nearly everyone seems to have experience with.  It’s estimated that 31 million Americans are affected by back pain right now, and about 80% of the population will encounter it at some point in their lifetime.  Back pain can also be rather tricky.  Pain usually develops due […]


For pain in Bowie, water-based exercise may be the alternative you’re seeking

September 13, 2019

Pain in Bowie aquatic exercise

For some people, things are just better when you add water. Avid swimmers already know this, but what you might not realize is that the pool isn’t only for swimming.  Aquatic exercise—which is essentially any form of exercise performed in the water—is an incredible way to get active for all individuals, but especially for those who […]


A word to parents from our Silver Spring physical therapists: make sure your kids are not overloading backpacks and using them properly to avoid back pain

August 28, 2019

silver spring physical therapists backpacks

As kids make their way back to school over the next few weeks, they’ll soon be hitting the books, and those books will be hitting their backpacks, often filling them to capacity. While messenger bags have emerged as a popular option for school-age children, backpacks remain the most commonly used and practical choice for carrying […]


If you’re dealing with regular headaches in Hyattsville, a problem with your neck may be to blame

August 14, 2019

headaches in hyattsville

Headaches have a unique way of striking at the worst times and often ruining the day—or days—in the process. More than 100 types of headaches have been classified, and while their differences are important, they all possess the same ability to gum up the works of your life during an episode. One of the most […]


Struggling to exercise with knee pain? Our Laurel physical therapists recommend cycling for a great workout that’s easy on your knees

July 19, 2019

laurel physical therapists cycling

If you have “bad knees” from osteoarthritis, a recent surgery, or some other cause, you might feel as if there’s a barrier between you and exercise. This is completely understandable, as many forms of exercise involve the knees to some capacity, and can therefore lead to pain and discomfort. But do not despair: there are […]


Children can get arthritis, too, and physical therapy in Glenn Dale is one of the best solutions for these young patients

July 8, 2019

physical therapy in Glenn Dale juvenile arthritis

When you hear the term “arthritis,” the first image that comes to mind might be a frail elderly person who has trouble opening up a jar of pickles or tying their shoes. It may surprise you, then, to hear that arthritis can also affect children and adolescents. This is one of the main reasons that […]