Our Bowie physical therapists offer guidance on how to set up your home office properly to avoid pain and discomfort

May 26, 2020

bowie physical therapists home office

For most Americans, work today is nothing like what it once was. Nearly every member of the workforce has been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another, and for the many individuals who normally worked in an office, this has meant transitioning to working from home. Switching to a home-based work environment may not […]


Radiating symptoms like leg pain in Silver Spring may be due to sciatica

January 22, 2020

leg pain in silver spring sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the entire body.  It runs from each side of the lower spine through the buttocks and into the thigh, all the way down to the foot.  The sciatic nerve serves an important role in communicating messages from the spinal cord to the legs and feet, but […]


Got a bad back? Our Glenn Dale physical therapists explain how your footwear choices might be playing a part

September 30, 2019

glenn dale physical therapists footwear bad back

Back pain is just one of those issues that nearly everyone seems to have experience with.  It’s estimated that 31 million Americans are affected by back pain right now, and about 80% of the population will encounter it at some point in their lifetime.  Back pain can also be rather tricky.  Pain usually develops due […]


A word to parents from our Silver Spring physical therapists: make sure your kids are not overloading backpacks and using them properly to avoid back pain

August 28, 2019

silver spring physical therapists backpacks

As kids make their way back to school over the next few weeks, they’ll soon be hitting the books, and those books will be hitting their backpacks, often filling them to capacity. While messenger bags have emerged as a popular option for school-age children, backpacks remain the most commonly used and practical choice for carrying […]


Shovel smart, shovel safe, and avoid a trip to our Laurel physical therapy clinic this winter

December 27, 2018

Laurel physical therapy clinic shoveling

It’s only a matter of time now. Winter has just officially begun, and with it, sooner or later, will come the snow. What type of winter we’ll have and how much snow the state of Maryland will see is anyone’s guess, but it’s always safe to expect a few good-sized storms before spring arrives. And […]


Despite what you might believe, our Glenn Dale physical therapists explain that there really is no ‘perfect’ posture

February 23, 2018

glenn dale physical therapists perfect posture

For as long as most of us can remember, we’ve been instructed to sit up straight and keep good posture. This concept has been drilled into our heads from parents, teachers and more recently, the media, as we’re repeatedly told that correcting posture can reduce the occurrence of problems like headaches and neck and back […]


Hands-on physical therapy may be needed to address your back pain in Glenn Dale/Bowie

September 22, 2017

back pain in glenn dale

If you’re suffering from back pain in Glenn Dale/Bowie, we firmly believe that physical therapy is the best course of action you can take in just about every situation. Here at CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, we treat each patient’s back pain with an individual approach, and we focus on utilizing interventions that have […]


Exercise and physical therapy are key to preventing pregnancy-related back pain in Glenn Dale/Bowie

May 15, 2017

pregnancy and back pain in glenn dale

While it’s a comforting thought to know your baby is continuing to grow during pregnancy, the additional weight you’re carrying also means more strain on your spine, which can often lead to back pain. As many as 75% of pregnant women will experience back pain at some point in their pregnancy, and this usually occurs […]


If You’re Suffering from Back Pain in Laurel, Find out How You Can Address It with the Top 10 Preventable Causes of Back Pain

July 28, 2015

As we discussed in our blog a few months ago, back pain is extremely common, as approximately 80% of Americans will experience it to some extent at least once in their lifetime. Though back pain can affect any region of the spine, in most cases the lower back is the area that tends to hurt […]


Just about everyone gets low back pain at some point, but CAM physical therapists in Hyattsville are here to help

May 11, 2015

Back pain, especially low back pain, is one of the most common medical problems in existence. In fact, if you’ve never experienced low back pain, you’re part of a small minority, and sadly there’s a strong chance you’ll deal with it at some point. The statistics put matters in a shocking perspective: approximately 80% of […]