Long Term Care

Charlotte Hall
29449 Charlotte Hall Rd
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home is located in St. Mary’s County and is a program under the Maryland State Department of Veterans Affairs that serves veterans and their eligible spouses. Charlotte Hall Veterans Home consists of 286 Skilled Nursing Beds and 168 Assisted Living Beds. CAM provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services to its residents and we are proud to “serve those who served”.

The rehabilitation department is involved with not only assisting residents in achieving their highest level of independence, but also participates in other areas needed within the facility. We are an important component to assisting with falls management, wound care, and motorized wheelchair training. A large majority of our patients remain as residents at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, so we address any rehabilitation need to increase their quality of life. Our team of experienced therapists, also assist with discharge planning for residents returning home, to include home evaluations. It is our goal to assist the residents in achieving their highest level of function and independence and achieving their goals. A personalized plan of care is developed and tailored to our patients needs to help restore mobility, independence and health allowing for a smooth transition back into the home and community.

Our physical therapists evaluate and treat patients to help improve their functional abilities. An individualized physical therapy program is developed to improve functional activities such as walking and to maximize strength and range of motion as well as to improve balance, and restore functional mobility. They also work closely with the wound care team to assist in wound healing with use of modalities.

Our occupational therapists evaluate and treat patients while addressing the physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges that face a person after the onset of an illness and/or disability, and promote regaining their independence. Occupational therapy practitioners focus on “achieving health, wellbeing, and participation in life through engagement in occupation” (American Occupational Therapy Association, 2014, p. S4). Our occupational therapists address training in self-care skills; training in the use of adaptive equipment, compensatory techniques, and environmental modifications; and behavioral and mental health issues. They also specialize in not only wheelchair positioning ( to decrease falls) but also power wheelchair training.

Our speech and language pathologists have expertise in the differential diagnosis of disorders of communication and swallowing. Our Speech and language services are designed to optimize the individuals’ ability to communicate, increase cognitive skills, and swallow, thereby improving quality of life. We develop and implement treatment to address the presenting symptoms or concerns of a communication or swallowing problem or related functional issue. The ultimate goal of this therapy is to improve an individual’s functional outcomes. Our Speech Therapists also work to ensure swallowing safety with meals as needed by the patient. Swallowing evaluations are performed to determine safety and are done at the facility. With the increase of residents that suffer from mild to moderate dementia, they also provide compensatory strategies to assist patient in retaining their ability to recall and remember not just daily routines, but family for as long as possible.