Weight Loss Program

  • Lose weight in a controlled environment under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist
  • Promotes a healthy diet in conjunction with a detailed exercise program
  • Access to personal exercise routine and group exercise classes

CAM’s weight loss program is designed to help the participant lose weight in a controlled, supervised and safe environment. We will provide the participant tools and resources to help them develop a healthy lifestyle by understanding how to eat for what their body needs and how to exercise to burn fat.

This program is a 90-day program where the participant will have access to the facility up to 6 days a week, group exercise classes 3 day a week, personalized diet and nutritional plan and a personalized exercise routine. Also included is a Fitbit that will help the Physical Therapist as well as the participant monitor their progress and daily activity. At CAM, we can help you create a long lasting healthy lifestyle.