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    Our commitment to you is to provide a friendly, enthusiastic atmosphere where cost-effective and comprehensive quality physical therapy services take place in a well-maintained environment.

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    CAM Physical Therapy is a bilingual (Spanish/English) outpatient clinic established in 2003.

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    We ensure your friends, family, physician, insurance company and attorney to consistently refer with confidence time and again.

    We're a collaborative, patient-focused team environment

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      Our Success Stories

      • My stamina and quality of life improved beyond expectation.

        Eva K. Silver Spring
      • The progress I've made thus far is because of the professionalism of this staff. I am on my way to complete health!

        Marquez T. from Laurel
      • CAM staff couldn't be any better. They're professional, friendly and it's a great environment for healing.

        Anita H. from Laurel

        We are In-Network with Most Insurance Plans

        • Aetna
        • CareFirst BCBS
        • Cigna
        • Medicaid
        • Medicare
        • Tricare
        • UnitedHealthcare
        • Workers Compensation

        If you don’t see your plan listed, please give us a call.
        We make every effort to verify your insurance benefits before your first visit with us.

        Physical Therapy Blog

        • May 29, 2024
          Stress fractures in the foot are a common yet often overlooked injury that can significantly impact your daily activities and sports performance. These injuries occur due to repeated stress on the foot bones, particularly when such activities increase sud...

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        • May 22, 2024
          Back pain is a common ailment affecting many people, contributing significantly to disability worldwide. However, recent studies reveal that engaging in physical activities might just be the remedy many need to keep back pain at bay....

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        • May 15, 2024
          Exercise is not just about losing weight; it's about improving your overall health and reducing your risk for diseases, especially cardiovascular disease (CVD). With different types of exercises available, such as resistance training and aerobic exercises...

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        • May 8, 2024
          Shoulder dislocations can be painful and debilitating. Understanding the best methods for rehabilitation and recovery is crucial for anyone who has experienced this common injury. A recent study of patients with an average of 45 years of age, provides new...

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        • May 1, 2024
          Soccer is a popular sport played by millions worldwide, offering numerous health benefits and an opportunity for team spirit. However, it also poses some risks, particularly concerning knee health. One common concern is whether playing soccer increases th...

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        • April 24, 2024
          Kyphosis, commonly referred to as hyper-kyphosis, is a spinal curvature that results in an exaggerated forward rounding of the back. This condition can affect individuals of all ages, leading to a range of physical and psychological challenges. In this ar...

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        • April 17, 2024
          Peripheral neuropathy, a condition stemming from damage to the peripheral nerves, often manifests in the feet, leading to symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and pain. This condition does not only cause discomfort but also significantly affects one's bal...

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        • April 10, 2024
          Neck pain and whiplash are common issues that can impact your daily life significantly. This guide aims to deepen your understanding of these conditions, from their causes to effective treatments and preventive measures....

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        • April 3, 2024
          Posterior tibialis tendinitis is a condition that affects a lot of people, especially those who are active or on their feet a lot. Imagine the inside of your ankle and there’s a muscle running down there – that’s your posterior tibialis muscle. It plays a...

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        • March 27, 2024
          Have you ever felt like your mobility challenges are holding you back from enjoying life to its fullest? Maybe you've thought about using a cane, crutches, or a front-wheel walker, but you're not quite convinced they're right for you. It's understandable ...

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