Physician Center

Physician Center

Follow the links below to find out the benefits of partnering with CAM, get valuable statistics, download the physician script so you can refer your patient to us and take a survey to tell us how we are doing.

Why CAM?

Spanish speaking staff

  • Bilingual staff is available in all locations to meet the language needs of your strongish speaking patients (no need to pay for an interpreter).


  • Our patient satisfaction surveys show that our patients are vested in their treatment and, overall, happy with the services provided by CAM.

Timely scheduling

  • We can get your patients scheduled within 24 - 48 hours after treatment has been authorized. CAM staff will get payment authorized before patients are seen for their first visit.

Communication is the key

  • The referring doctor will receive the plan of care within 24 hours of seeing the patient.
  • The referring doctor will receive weekly progress reports.
  • Patients are called before every appointment to assure that they are aware of their appointment.

CAM is partners with the medical community

  • We always encourage patients to schedule follow-up visits with their doctor so that the continuity of care continues, which always benefits the patient.

Honesty is always our policy

  • We will treat the patients with respect and give you honest, objective feedback at all times

Partnering with CAM

All patients will be scheduled within 24 hours pending verification/authorization of insurance. We verify all patients' physical therapy insurance benefits, workers' compensation claims and MVA PIP benefits.

Once the patient has been evaluated by our skilled and knowledgeable physical therapist, you can expect a computer-generated, comprehensive Initial Evaluation and a detailed plan of care report faxed to your office within 24 hours. Throughout the patient's time with CAM you will receive regular updated progress reports faxed to your office that is for your review, then signed and faxed back to us where it's scanned into their file. This gives the patient confidence knowing that we are cooperatively treating their injury.

CAM's old fashion work ethic, detailed documentation, empathetic communication and a goal-oriented plan of care allows you to consistently refer with confidence.

Our mission with our partners is to solidify the relationship by becoming a trusted adviser and support network through consistent communication and education that adds value to the individual therapist as well as the entire practice.

If you have additional questions about referring, please don't hesitate to call.