5-star PT experience
Zach M from Leisure World / Silver Spring

Appointment time not always available unless you sign up for the next month in the third week of the previous month. Worked me harder than my doctor recommended, but adjusted my workout when requested.
Marie Powell from Leisure World / Silver Spring

CAM PHYSICAL THERAPY is the best in the game!
Dr. Omekongo Dibinga from Hyattsville

Amazing place for all your PT needs. The team is top notch. Anu gives great transparancy and explanation of how we will attack the plan and why. Holding you accountable for your homework and pushing you and still having a family like environment was the perfect mix for me. Breanna is awesome and very attentive to form to ensure you are maximizing the exercises. Dave is cool as they come and assists in anything you need. I know one thing I dont need and thats any other PT facility outside of CAM laurel. This is my home. You should make it yours trust me. Peace to the Cam squad and thank you for everything including the mints. 😁
Mike Borja from Laurel

I love the people from Hyattsville! They took the time to ensure I was healthy enough to play soccer again. I recommend CAM Physical Therapy to anyone but in particular the clinic in Hyattsville.
Gorge Andino from Hyattsville

Very user-friendly environment. Dr. Zach is more than amazing. I’ve been suffering for 2 years and after 2 sessions, pain gone. He’s extremely knowledgeable and patient. The office is a pleasure to work with.
Esther Goldstein from Leisure World / Silver Spring

My stamina and quality of life improved beyond expectation.
Eva K. Silver Spring

The progress I've made thus far is because of the professionalism of this staff. I am on my way to complete health!
Marquez T. from Laurel

CAM staff couldn't be any better. They're professional, friendly and it's a great environment for healing.
Anita H. from Laurel