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"The therapists are very professional, caring and personable. Your method of treatment is discussed and what exercises will be pursued to get you back to norm. The scheduling staff works diligently to accommodate your availability for treatment."
Aug 31, 2021
"Everyone there was always awesome. Would recommend to anyone needing PT. "
Aug 26, 2021
"Entire staff is very professional, compassionate and truly wonderful! "
Jul 29, 2021
"Great office. Staff was very friendly."
Jul 23, 2021
"I have suffered from back pain for over a year, so I was not optimistic when my doctor recommended PT. My mobility has improved and my pain is controlled without meds. I continue to follow the exercises I learned at CAM, and I am noticeably stronger."
Jul 22, 2021
"The CAM team helped me restore my mobility, and now I am pain free. I am grateful for the care and attention I was provided. CAM made a difference"
Jul 22, 2021
"The therapists and assistants are very efficient and highly skilled. I am very glad my doctor referred me to CAM. "
Jul 22, 2021
Jul 22, 2021
"Excellent 5 years ago and excellent now."
Jul 19, 2021
"The CAM Physical Therapy staff are professional, patient, understanding and knowledgeable. The Therapists gave me the best physical therapy treatment. The exercises are very helpful. CAM Physical Therapy is outstanding."
Jul 14, 2021
"La atención recibida es excelente, todos son muy atentos y la recepcionista su atención es incomparable. Gracias "
Jun 24, 2021
"The Silver Spring office of CAM provided me with excellent care. The physical therapists were professional and competent. Stacy at the front desk made visiting the office a pleasant experience. Her friendliness and professionalism was appreciated."
Jun 24, 2021
"Naomi great personality greets you when you enter the door and sets the mood for a rest of your session. Very professional and will go above and beyond to accommodate whatever concerns may have. The whole staff are awesome."
Jun 22, 2021
"Excelente servicio mi niña viene a la clínica de laurel y ah sido tremenda experiencia, se siente feliz con la doctora Anu y naomi que siempre la ayuda a traducir. También gracias a Robert por aceptar a mi niña en la clínica estuve buscando muchos lugares y este fue la única clínica que me la acepto. Muchas gracias a cam por todo.Totalmente recomendado hasta a mi doctor les recomende."
Jun 21, 2021
"Muy buena atención, lugar muy acogedor, me relajo mucho haciendo mis ejercicios y lo cual me ha ayudado mucho. Gracias en especial a mi terapeuta Ashley ,Naomi y a todas las chicas de CAM Physical Therapy."
Jun 21, 2021
"Excellent results in the two times that I have gone to CAM for therapy. First for my back years ago and recently for my leg."
Jun 19, 2021
"Excellent Customer service in all aspects, The front desk Naomi is always so caring and Ashley with her Spanish always makes me feel comfortable. Its my second time coming to CAM and I highly recommend it."
Jun 18, 2021
"This is my second time at CAM and both times it was very successful first time was my back and this time was for my leg and knee, the environment was very professional and very helpful. I will recommend it to everyone the front desk Naomi and my therapist were great. Thanks so much."
Jun 18, 2021
"Everyone, the therapists and all the support staff, are extremely kind and patient and are very dedicated to making the patient comfortable as they work their magic to alleviate pain and rehabilitate the patients."
May 11, 2021
"What a tremendously positive experience this has been. I had full (left) knee replacement surgery on Nov. 10th, and today- Mar 23rd- was able to be happily and confidently discharged. This was my second go-round with CAM-Laurel, and my first rehab experience with them is what brought me back. While the larger organization does tend rotate its staff around their different locations over time, I have never met a staffer that wasn't knowledgeable, courteous, professional-- and yet still friendly and engaging. Their hiring rubric is clearly one of the organization's strengths. One of the common threads among them is a kind of geeky appreciation for the mechanics of anatomy. . . as a group, they clearly love how the body works, and what's needed to fix its malfunctions. The facility itself hits a nice sweet spot where it's big enough/equipped enough to accommodate a full-on, active workout without feeling cramped or constrained, but also small enough to feel friendly and unimposing. [I've experienced both ends of that spectrum in other venues, and cannot speak well of either--.] Am I delighted to be functioning better than I have in years? OMG, yes-- But will I miss my pals on their team (Rob, Chris, Nate, Ashley, Dr. Anu, Naomi, and Alyssa)? Oh, no question-! Highly, highly recommended."
Mar 23, 2021
"The physical therapist and assistants were extremely competent and courteous. They were knowledgeable of my condition and provide the right regiment for my injury/post-surgery. They were also a joy to work with and provided good guidance for at home exercises to aid in the recovery from the post surgical operation."
Jan 22, 2021
"Great staff, very friendly, and clean."
Dec 21, 2020
"The staff at the Bowie facility is very knowledgeable and helpful."
Nov 13, 2020
"The is very knowledgeable and helpful. "
Nov 13, 2020
"I love the PT's here. They show me things I did not know I could do and definitely helped with my hip replacement surgery recovery"
Oct 01, 2020
"CAM Physical Therapy in Laurel has done an amazing job meeting my PT needs over the last few months. The staff there is personable, friendly, and diligent in identifying one's physical ailments and treating them in the most appropriate manner. I strongly recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy services. "
Sep 11, 2020
"I like this location. The staffs are nice. They are listening and answer all about my questions. "
Aug 25, 2020
"Great experience"
Jun 30, 2020
"I really enjoyed my experience here with Dr. M. He helped me regain physical activity and really listened to my needs. He was patient and really knew what he was doing. Thanks for all of your help!"
Apr 20, 2020
"I love coming for physical therapy here, it is great!! They treat me so good."
Mar 10, 2020
"Awesome, friendly and knowledgeable PT!"
Mar 05, 2020
"Excellent therapists and staff members!"
Feb 26, 2020
"I am a patient in laurel, MD and I have had a great experience. The staff are very welcoming and ready to help the patients with the rehabilitation. The clinic director Robert Ninan is considerate and professional. I would recommend others to come to CAM physical therapy if they need rehab for an injury. Yo soy un paciente del CAM centra terapéutico en Laurel, MD. Los personales son muy amables y profesionales en sus trabajos. Yo lo recomiendo y estoy satisfecho con el trabajo."
Dec 08, 2019
"Mi gusta mucho la doctora. Darshana ella es muy amable!"
Sep 17, 2019
"This experience has been fantastic. In the last 2 years, I have had physical therapy provided by 3 different organizations (2 in Maryland and 1 in Florida). CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services has been by far the most rewarding. Their staff is phenomenal --- very professional, while at the same time being sensitive to the patients' needs. If the needed exercise program requires more than the hour allotted on any given day, then you will continue until you are finished, unless you feel that you need to stop. Unlike some of the other companies, which go by the clock and says your time is up. I truly look forward to going to my physical therapy sessions, even though they challenge me. I get the sense from the other clients that I have talked to that they also feel the same way. Kudoos to Robert and the entire Glen Dale staff!"
Sep 10, 2019
"Fantastic!!!!!They explained to me my situation then they explained to me what my goal was and what I needed to do to reach my goal. I must admit that I was delighted with my progress. They were always kind, polite, and patient with me even though I asked a lot of questions."
Aug 15, 2019
"A very warm welcoming, friendly,knowledgeable and helpful staff. Experienced and referable practice. Thank you all for being there to help out me and others. A great pleasure to have a staff like CAM in silver spring. Thank you"
Jul 15, 2019
"CAM is great! My back pain has imporved so much in just one month of therapy. I Definitely recommend the Hyattsville clinic!"
Jun 28, 2019
"Genuine care and concern are number one in this practice. The doctors all make time for you like you are their only patient. This center gets it right from the front desk operators to the head director!"
Jun 20, 2019
"Have been coming to Cam Laurel for 3 months. After surgery I was unable to bend my leg and unable to walk without assistance. The team at Laurel CAM has been amazing. Very patient and extremely encouraging. They have been in constant communication with my doctor to keep my progression moving forward. I can"t imagine going through this without them."
Jun 19, 2019
"Wonderful service. I have been to other places, but in Cam Physical I got the treatment and care that i needed. Thank you Cam and their staff."
Jun 17, 2019
"I came to CAM physical therapy with a pretty bad ankle sprain, since I have been getting treatment here my injury has been showing significant signs of improvement. I enjoy my time here with such great Physical therapists."
Jun 14, 2019
"I came here for a back problem. I play football and they were able to get me back to normal with in a few secession. I really enjoyed my time here. I would recommend the Laurel office, all the therapists and staff are great. "
Jun 13, 2019
"My therapy at the Laurel office has been wonderful. The staff is very nice and they care about you. They put you on ice and heat and the proper machines to get you better, as well as having my coffee lol. Between the therapist and staff members, CAM is definitely a place I recommend for treatment! Thanks to everyone for there help "
Jun 13, 2019
"Very Friendly Staff. Dr. Green is very good at feeling the pain and working to bring you relief. From the front desk to the gym the staff is professional, caring and very helpful. "
May 17, 2019
"For over 5 years I’ve been living with severe pain due to a surgery that caused several negative complications...more pain then before the surgery. I had 2 other failed surgeries and I lost count on how many nerve blocks I had. No dr ever referred me to physical therapy. I know people who went to physical therapy and had good results. I found CAM PT on line and read all about the program and the reviews. One review sounded similar to my condition. The person said after 3 months, they started to feel better and became able to do activities they could not do for years. I called CAM PT that day in February 2019 and scheduled my appointment at the Silver Spring facility. I arrived at CAM PT, barley able to walk let alone stand for more then 10 minutes. I was welcomed immediately by Dr Rhianna Green, who took me to a room and made sure I was comfortable while doing the admission paperwork. Dr Green went right to work on me as soon as we finished the paperwork, she examined me and knew exactly what was wrong. I actually felt a little better after my first session. I’m slowly recovering, feeling better then when I first started and will not give up. I now feel hope thanks to Dr Green and all the staff too. Each staff member works well together/teamwork, which makes the environment healing, calm, and happy. Thank you Dr Green and all the staff members. I would definitely recommend the Silver Spring CAM PT to all my family and friends. "
May 04, 2019
"I went to therapy in the Hyattsville office. I've been to therapy before but not there. All of those employees were excellent. I looked forward to going. They were so down to earth. They don't make you feel like a nobody. Everyone even other patients would join in. I would recommend the Hyattsville office 110 points. I'm sure the rest of the offices are the same. I met the gentleman who runs the whole operation and I can see why his staff is so happy. He treats his staff with respect. He listens to them, takes their suggestions just a wonderful person. I wish I could work for him. Thanks for everything you guys my shoulder/arm is doing great."
Mar 19, 2019
"I have brought a lady who has cognitive disabilities to CAM for physical therapy for her left arm. Linda fell and hurt her arm 2 months ago, as she slipped in her bath tub. Her neurologist initially said that Linda would have very limited use of her arm due to extensive nerve damage. We have come to CAM PT twice a week over the last months and Linda's progress has been awe inspiring. The therapists at CAM have used stimulation, heat, cold, massage and an array of exercises to bring Linda's arm back to life. Their professionalism, caring and love of their trade is evident in every step that they take. And each step they take is one forward - for Linda and the staff, too."
Jan 25, 2019
"I have brought a lady who has cognitive disabilities to CAM for physical therapy for her left arm. Linda fell and hurt her arm 2 months ago, as she slipped in her bath tub. Her neurologist initially said that Linda would have very limited use of her arm due to extensive nerve damage. We have come to CAM PT twice a week over the last months and Linda's progress has been awe inspiring. The therapists at CAM have used stimulation, heat, cold, massage and an array of exercises to bring Linda's arm back to life. Their professionalism, caring and love of their trade is evident in every step that they take. And each step they take is one forward - for Linda and the staff, too."
Jan 25, 2019
"I've been coming to CAM Physical Therapy since September 2018. When I started my chronic lower back pain had become unbearable and had left me dependent on pain Medicine and almost bed ridden. CAM has help me 100%. My pain level has decreased so drastically it's given me a new life. The staff are great and do what ever is necessary to make sure you are safe and comfortable."
Jan 04, 2019
"Thanks to the Maintenance Program offered by CAM Physical Therapy, the quality of my life has improved beyond measure. I was referred to CAM by my doctor to remedy the pain that I was experiencing in my buttocks, thighs and calves. Once the series of 10 sessions began, I discovered that much of my discomfort was due to the lack of right physical activity in those areas. I thought myself to be a very active and strong person whose strength, stamina and endurance could only be matched by very few my age (73). But what I didn't realize that my body was experiencing more atrophy than I imagined. The therapists at CAM tailored activities that eliminated the pain by getting me to use those areas more than I had been. And, I noticed that as I began getting more acquainted with and using my body more, my quality of life was improving greatly. Simple functions like sitting, standing, lifting, bending, walking, and climbing stairs were easier. I work hard in the maintenance program under the watchful eye of caring therapists. My strength and stamina are continuing to improve; my heart is 15-20% stronger; my balance is so much better; doing small thing such has standing to wash dishes, sitting at my desk or on the sofa, bending to tie my shoes, standing on one leg at a time to put on my underwear or pants, restful sleep, and ability to drive long distances or sit on airplanes without cramping have greatly improved. More than I expected. Yes, I'm still getting older, but CAM is helping me to stay young longer. Yesterday the guys on the golf course were suggesting that I need to pee in a bottle because I must be on something to hit the ball with the 40 year olds. Yes, I'm high on something alright, and it's CAM's maintenance program. Try it. They are flexible; I go when I want and as often as I want and they always welcome me. The $50 per month is the best deal in the world and I'm treated with the same attention that I got when I was under the doctor's instruction and being paid by the insurance company."
Sep 26, 2018
Aug 16, 2018
"Great staff, easy to schedule. Thank you for everything!"
Jul 02, 2018
"I am extremely grateful for the staff at CAM in Laurel. They were always very patient with me, especially in my times of pain. Pam and her students are always very professional while maintaining an easy going environment. This is the best physical therapy I've received, and I even recommended this clinic to my friend who is dealing with similar issues."
Jun 29, 2018
"Pam and all the faculty at CAM are wonderful! I have never gone somewhere and felt so motivated. The environment is really easy going, and I never felt uncomfortable with anyone I worked with. The faculty was all professional and polite. I have recommended the Laurel office to many family and friends as well, because this is a great place for healing! "
Jun 29, 2018
"The therapists are very professional they tailor their program to fit your symptoms. They personally see to your every need and make sure your therapy is as painless as possible I have been to a number of physical therapists and find that CAM is one of the best. I would highly recommend CAM to my family and friends "
Jun 29, 2018
"I love this place. They are very kind and welcoming. Pam is the best therapist. "
Jun 28, 2018
"If you are looking for "top notch" customer service and amazing treatment in a super friendly environment, go get your healing at CAM in the Laurel office! Pam and her staff will heal you not only physically but mentally as well!!!! Keep up the great work!! A. Roan"
Jun 24, 2018
"The CAM staff welcomed me with open arms. Everyone has helped me through an extensive left shoulder injury and post-surgery rehabilitation. The CAM staff works seamlessly with my surgeon's, Dr. Pyfrom's, staff to provide me with the best care. The CAM staff has made what could have been an unpleasant experience, one that has been fun and educational. Diana is always upbeat and helpful and she's helped to inspire me improve my nutrition and workout plans. Robert and Wes openly share their vast knowledge and explain everything using medical jargon then layman terms so patients understand. Natalie, Ashley and Andrew have provided amazing support to Robert and Wes. I know the time will come when I won't need physical therapy but I'll miss my times with the CAM staff. I couldn't have picked a better group of people to take care of me."
Jun 18, 2018
"I started therapy here a while ago for back pain, and I am happy to say that it has gone away! Everyone was very nice, patient, and welcoming, and Nirali was the best therapist that anyone could ask for. I would definitely recommend CAM to anyone who could use physical therapy."
Apr 10, 2018


I am a return, very satisfied CAM customer.

This year, after a thoracic and shoulder injury, I've tried the beautiful, new facility in Silver Spring, which is near my house.

I was treated by Dr. Darshana Boricha with incredible results. When I saw her for the first time, I could not lift without pain, not even an empty coffee cup. Her skillful muscle manipulation and exercise plan improved my condition in record time. My stamina and quality of life improved beyond expectation. She conditioned my entire body, making me feel stronger than decades ago.

I am very thankful to her and to the entire, very competent and friendly staff.

Eva K. Silver Spring

I started physical therapy 3 weeks ago and I have made significant improvements from my first day at the Laurel location. Pam, Kristen, and the entire staff are wonderful at what they do. I am glad that I made the decision to come to this location. The progress I've made thus far is because of the professionalism of this staff. I am on my way to complete health! You all keep giving hope and getting people back to great health!

Marquez T. from Laurel

I would like to weigh in on your services at the Laurel location. Absolutely spectacular, professional and on point. Carol sets such a welcoming tone. I was privileged to have been treated by Pam and Nirali (both gifted). Pam also is an exceptional teacher. Amaka and the other lovely students take and implement her instruction very well. You provide an incredible service for our community! Thank you.

Gretchen S. from Laurel

CAM staff couldn't be any better. They're professional, friendly and it's a great environment for healing. The therapist worked closely with me to ensure that I received excellent care. I highly recommend CAM's Laurel office!

Anita H. from Laurel

  • Every team member is very friendly, respectful with ALL patients. It is the most "democratic" facility I've been to.
  • I was so impressed that as soon as I arrived to the room, whoever was free, would greet me and ask me if I need coffee/tea/water.
  • Every employee is very smart and has good sense of humor. I liked how Ashley would call me "overachiever", when I doubled my exercise duration.
  • The cozy facility brings out the most creativity from everyone. I was in awe to see how many useful exercises can be performed by using smartly a door and an elastic band.
  • Wes Boling is truly a miracle maker. He was the first physical therapist who could fine tune the exercises for my needs.

At age 57 (in 2007), I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and was told to limit the weight that I carry to 14 lbs, and to avoid sudden movements because I could break my back even just by sneezing or coughing. From this time on, my grandchildren knew that I can't play with them, and my husband took over many of my house chores.

Almost a decade later, luckily I was assigned to Wes for physical therapy. He examined me, and pointed out that I have hypermobility which would require adjustments to the typical exercises. He gave me detailed instructions on how to perform my exercises correctly, and in very short time I was able to do, safely, movements that I couldn't do for a decade.

In addition, each time I have pain in my shoulder, hip etc. he presses and pulls on the correct location, and the pain suddenly disappears. It feels like a miracle to me :). I hope that Wes will have energy and time for my future treatments as well.

I wish that I could go to CAM for my exercises, even when I'm not feeling pain!

Eva K. from Silver Spring

Mi nombre es Maria Sevilla, hoy fue mi ùltimo dia en CAM, estoy un poco triste porque ya no los voy a ver, pero contenta al mismo tiempo, porque siento muy feliz, porque todos aquì en CAM son muy buenos y eficientes en todo, gracias a todos por ayudarme en todos los ejercicios de terapia que necesitaba para sentio me 100 por ciento bien con mi problema del hombro, ahora puedo hacer cosas que no podia hacer, gracias a todos los voy a extrañar mucho.

Maria S.
Hyattsville, MD

I have been dealing with this injury since 6/13/13 give or take. This is my third go at pt. First few times to no prevail. This time has been so much better than prior. My condition is improving but I still have a long way to go but definitely encouraging. Best staff out of all the places I've attended friendly, helpful and beautiful attitudes. That really get the best out of me!

Mr. Small
Laurel, MD

The therapist and staff have treated me well. I thank you for that. I feel way better from when I began. I have improved and noticed the improvement. I am grateful for everyone here and their help.

Godofredo G.
Beltsville, MD

I started out my physical therapy in pain, my back. I enjoyed working with the beautiful staff from the front desk Ana, to the warmhearted therapists Dr. Hypolite, Adriana & the miracle worker Juan. Now at home I am fully confident in everything I do. I can definitely attest that physical therapy does work. I will recommend all my family and firends to CAM Physical Therapy.

Claire D.
Hyattsville, MD

I know in owning a business, you many times hear from customers, but sadly it is usual negative information. I would like to do the opposite, Dr Wes Boling has been my primary PT to help me thru my hip replacement. I had my left hip done 11 years ago and my right one May 25th. I thought I knew what to expect from my out patient PT, but I as wrong. Wes is outgoing, engaging, knowledgeable and what a great massage therapist. I am further along at 9 weeks in my recovery, than I was last time, and it is all attributed to Dr Boling.

Do not lose him as an employee. Good facility as well.

Patricia C.
Glenn Dale, MD

I was very impressed with the staffs very professional and friendly. The therapy was vigorous but was worth it. Knowing that I came here with lots of pain but I am now pain-free. I will surely recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for your help; I feel great.

Isiaka F.

I don't want to leave - can't hold back the tears. I wish I wasn't feeling better but it works. This is the best place to come. Pam is the best.
I have been treated by CAM Physical Therapy two different times: 2/16-7/16 - right ankle again to 4/2017 for left shoulder. My treatments were handled professionally, staff is very pleasant, all worked with me, making my healing/pain process much easier to handle. I personally would recommend this office & staff to all.


My PT team is fantastic - Brenda, Jay & Tammy, very understanding. Their combined personalities & expertise made a painful recovery very bearable. They are very helpful and committed to making sure that you recover as best as you can. Many thanks to the team!

Twanna W.
Glenn Dale, MD

Hi Pam,

Thank you so much for sending these stretches to me. I know your days are super busy so I appreciate you for taking the time to do this for me. I hope all is well with you. I miss you so much. You have such a beautiful spirit. Finding kind, caring, friendly individuals with amazing customer service skills such as your self is most times like finding a needle in a haystack here in the DMV. I always felt so welcome and right at home at CAM. I knew you cared about the "whole patient".

Once again I'm thankful for you and all you've done to get me back in working order. It's very hard to find quality health care around these parts. I've always felt many places treated their patients like a number since relocating here. I thank God for leading me to you & CAM. It was a great experience!