Adjuster/Case Manager Center

Adjuster/Case Manager Center

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Why CAM?

Spanish speaking staff Bilingual staff is available in all locations to meet the language needs of your Spanish speaking clients (no need to pay for an interpreter).

Timely scheduling We can get your clients scheduled within 24 - 48 hours after treatment has been authorized.

Communication is the key

  • CAM staff will call and get approval PRIOR to any services being rendered.
  • Claimants are called before every appointment to assure that the injured worker is aware of their appointment.
  • Any missed appointment is communicated to the nurse, adjuster and doctor.
  • The treating therapist will call with an update once per week to give the case manager and/or the adjuster an update.
  • An appointment summary report is sent on a weekly basis to the case manager and/or adjuster.

20+ years of experience working with Workers’ Compensation Claims

  • Work with medically complex cases and unsuccessful/open cases to contribute to positive case closure.
  • Work Hardening is NOT always indicated after an FCE. CAM only recommends work hardening on 20-25% of FCEs.

Honesty is always our policy We will treat your claimants with respect and give you honest, objective feedback at all times.

MBE/DBE CAM is proud to hold these certifications and serve our community.