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Welcome to CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services LLC

CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC is a bilingual (Spanish/English) outpatient clinic established in 2003. Our commitment to you is to provide a friendly, enthusiastic atmosphere where cost-effective and comprehensive quality physical therapy services take place in a well maintained environment. This commitment will allow your friends, family, physician, insurance company and attorney to consistently refer with confidence time and again.


"When I first started physical therapy with CAM, I was in poor shape. I could
not walk up or down steps.I could not stand or sit for long periods of time. I
also had no power in my left leg. Since working with the staff at CAM, I can
now walk a set of steps, stand and sit for longer periods and also lift nearly
30 lbs with my left leg. The staff has helped me very much, and I thank them
for that."

– Linda, Upper Marlboro, MD

"Before I came to therapy, I was having back pain in the lower left side of my
back. The pain was constant and intense. It was hard for me to get in and out
of my vehicle and perform my normal duties at work. Since coming to therapy,
I have regained strength in my lower back, I have no pain and I am able to perform
my job at a comfortable and high level. I have learned a lot and I am very
grateful for the care and attention I was shown at CAM Physical Therapy."

- Virginia, College Park, MD

"Helped me gain better use of my hands and helped me with lifting up
some weights that will help me on my job."

- Fernando, Baltimore, MD

I started out my physical therapy in pain, my back. I enjoyed working with
the beautiful staff from the front desk Ana, to the warmhearted therapists
Dr. Hypolite, Adriana & the miracle worker Juan. Now at home I am fully confident
in everything I do. I can definitely attest that physical therapy does work. I will
recommend all my family and firends to CAM Physical Therapy.

- Claire D., Hyattsville, MD

I was very impressed with the staffs very professional and friendly. The
therapy was vigorous but was worth it. Knowing that I came here with lots of
pain but I am now pain-free. I will surely recommend your services to anyone.
Thank you for your help; I feel great.

- Isiaka F.

My PT team is fantastic - Brenda, Jay & Tammy, very understanding. Their
combined personalities & expertise made a painful recovery very bearable.
They are very helpful and committed to making sure that you recover as best
as you can. Many thanks to the team!

- Twanna W., Glenn Dale, MD

Mi nombre es Maria Sevilla, hoy fue mi ùltimo dia en CAM,
estoy un poco triste porque ya no los voy a ver,
pero contenta al mismo tiempo, porque siento muy feliz,
porque todos aquì en CAM son muy buenos y eficientes en todo,
gracias a todos por ayudarme en todos los ejercicios de
terapia que necesitaba para sentio me 100
por ciento bien con mi problema del hombro,
ahora puedo hacer cosas que no podia hacer,
gracias a todos los voy a extrañar mucho.

- Maria S., Hyattsville, MD.