How CAM Can Help Your Client

How CAM Can Help Your Client

To refer a patient to CAM Physical Therapy please click on request an appointment or download and complete our script. Once completed, you can: give it to the patient, scan and email to or fax to (301) 853-0096.

All clients will be scheduled within 24 hours pending verification/authorization of insurance. We verify all client’s physical therapy insurance benefits, workers’ compensation claims and MVA/ PIP benefits.

We make it easy to work with us. Our convenient locations, extended hours, friendly staff and proven record of success will keep you and your client happy knowing we are on your side.

The process begins when an injured party has a prescription from their doctor for physical therapy, which then we call to get oral or written verification to begin treatment. Clients with PIP will be required to give health insurance information. Once the patient has been evaluated by our skilled and knowledgeable physical therapist, you can expect a computer-generated, comprehensive Initial Evaluation with a detailed plan of care faxed to your office within 24 hours. Throughout the patient’s time with CAM you will receive regular updated progress reports faxed to your office including notification for any missed or cancelled appointments.

CAM’s old fashion work ethic, detailed documentation, high-level communication and mission-focused therapy allow you to consistently refer with confidence.

Our mission to our partners is to solidify the relationship by becoming a trusted advisor and support network through consistent communication and education that adds value to the individual therapist as well as the entire practice.

For a printable list of accepted insurance please click here.

If you have additional questions about referring please, don’t hesitate to call.