Physical Therapist/ Physical Therapist Assistant Internship Opportunities

Physical Therapist/ Physical Therapist Assistant Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

We offer physical therapist and physical therapist assistant internships for students wishing to gain experience. We are flexible with the hours, if required hours per week can be maintained. To apply or for more information, please call (301) 853-0093 or email us.

Who We Are

CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness is a physical therapist owned, bilingual outpatient clinic that provides high quality care for clients of various age ranges and diagnoses. The goal of our internship is to provide all students with a challenging, instructional setting that allows for the full range of experiences in an outpatient setting.

What to Expect

Interns will see and treat a variety of musculoskeletal, neurological, and even vestibular rehabilitation cases. The first step is to set the student up with a clinical instructor who will initially orient them to the clinic. The initial weeks will entail shadowing the instructor or other clinicians and assisting them in the care of patients. During this time, the student will also become familiar with the quality and timely adherence to documentation standards, as this is one of the most critical factors in the rehab process.

CAM sets extremely high standards for our documentation. Correctly documenting functional improvements on a daily basis is a priority. Our computerized file system allows for easy documentation using the most up-to-date guidelines and requirements.

As the student gains confidence, they will begin to grow their caseload. This is done by, first observing other clinicians performing evaluations, and then performing evaluations with supervision until they are done independently. The student will continue treating these patients throughout their course of care.

The student will be performing supervised re-evaluations and eventually discharges for these patients. The goal is to have them seeing 10-12 patients maximum by the end of the internship. By keeping the visits low, the student will be able to utilize their current skills while learning new skills with the help of the clinical staff. CAM emphasizes “hands-on” therapy and has built its reputation on using manual therapy as an integral part of patient care.

At the end of the fieldwork experience, the student will have the confidence to pursue a career in an outpatient setting. The student will demonstrate excellent documentation skills and be familiar with a variety of diagnoses from an outpatient perspective.

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