With over 20 years of expertise in direct sales, training, recruiting, and marketing in the healthcare industry, Holly is a seasoned professional. Her unwavering dedication to the sales cycle, business development, and recruitment reflects a genuine passion. Within CAM, Holly prioritizes the enhancement of the patient experience as the foremost goal, consistently striving for ongoing growth to contribute to the company's success.

Joining CAM in June 2020 as a Direct Marketing Representative, Holly's journey has been marked by progression. She transitioned into the role of Business Development Manager and currently holds the position of Director of Marketing for CAM. Additionally, Holly actively contributes to the Workers Compensation department as an Account Manager, playing a key role in marketing initiatives.

Armed with an M.S. in Health Care Administration, Holly commenced her career in the pharmaceutical industry, excelling in sales and training. Her professional journey expanded into the realm of Physical Therapy, and she later founded her own business. Holly possesses a wealth of experience in sales and marketing within the healthcare business sector. Her passion lies in number analysis and collaborating with individuals to foster genuine growth for companies.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Holly can be found alongside her husband, cheering on their son in hockey at the ice rink or supporting their daughter at the dance studio. Alongside their two children, Holly and her husband share their home with two dogs and, interestingly enough, a lizard!